Joana G

Joanna G.  – Irvine, Ca

After having three kids, I was unhappy with my body image as I had not been able to lose the weight as I had with the first two. As a woman, I had always found the gym to be intimidating as I had little experience working out (besides cardio) & always dreaded going.

My husband came home from the gym and told me he had signed me up for personal training and I was mortified!! Kai was very comforting and put me at ease and took the time to really find out what my goals were. She built a full game plan for each week for strength training, cardio, nutrition, and supplements.

Since working with Kai I have gone down 3 pants sizes and have toned up all around.I could not be happier with the results I have seen with Kai’s program.

Linda L

Linda L.  – Newport Beach, Ca

I had fallen off from fitness programs time and time again, as the diets were too strict and the work out plans were too extreme for me to maintain consistently. When I first met Kai she reassured me that would not be the case with her program, that she would build custom regiments for both exercising and dieting that would be realistic for me. And sure enough, we built a weekly routine that I not only enjoy but stick to and succeed at.

Three years later, I have seen great improvements in my physical appearance but also have much more energy than I did before. For anyone struggling with sticking to a fitness or weight loss program I highly recommend going to Kai!!!

Gina D

Gina D.  – Irvine, Ca

I don’t think I’ve ever really went to the gym knowing what I was doing… I thought by joining a gym, i.e. paying for a membership, I’d actually go… NOT!

Now that I’m getting older I realized I have to start working out to be healthier. I joined the gym & met Kai! While getting to know her, she so impressed me. Her work ethic & compassion shows! She wanted to know what my goals were/are & I had a lot… she is so thoughtful on the purpose of each session… all of her workouts push me… she challenges me & knows my potential to always get me to the next level/ goal.

It’s now been over 2 years & I regularly go to the gym 4-6 times a week. I have even surpassed what I thought I wanted. She advises me on my own workouts at the gym but also makes sure I’m eating right too!! She keeps me on track!!

I am stronger, more conditioned & healthier because of Kai. I’m so thankful to have met her. She’s not only a great trainer, super knowledgeable on all topics health & fitness, but is now a dear friend!! She WILL NOT disappoint!!

Alma J

Alma J.  – Tustin, Ca

When I signed up for personal training I had absolutely no knowledge of working out, eating right or how to be healthy.

Over the past 2 years, Kai has made me knowledgeable in so many areas of health and wellness, well outside of just strength training. She formulates a complete program for you based on your lifestyle, she will help you with what to eat and when, what muscle groups to work on each day, how much cardio you should do, she even taught me about stretching and proper breathing techniques. Kai really offers the complete package you need to be successful.

Lauren L before after

Lauren L.  – Orange, Ca

I admittedly have no self-discipline. I would always start going to the gym and stop after not seeing progress. Like most people probably. I have had a trainer in the past but held the notion that working hard with a trainer was all I needed, still made no progress.

I decided to get a membership at a gym close to work years later so I had no excuse not to go to the gym every day. That is where I met Kai. We hit it off right away and I decided to have her be my personal trainer. Best Decision Ever.

Kai is super knowledgeable about strength and weight loss and honest about results. I have been training with Kai for over a year and have made major progress, and I now have the self-discipline to keep our results going too.

Kai learns how each person works and knows how to train you accordingly. She pushes me and Encourages me and has become a great friend. You should Give her a try. You will NOT regret it

James V

James V. Irvine, Ca

I was referred to Kai through a friend that recommended her as I play competitive tennis and had been struggling with numerous injuries. She has
great experience and great knowledge in injury rehabilitation and helped me get back to playing shape.

Once I was back to playing, we switched focus from rehab to sports performance training, where we worked on agility, speed, and match simulation
movements. Her training has greatly improved my game & her expertise for sports performance training is unmatched!!

Don D

Don D.  – Coto De Caza, Ca

I signed up with Kai after getting a hip replacement, as after months of physical therapy I could still not walk without a cane and struggled with muscle weakness (I had great trouble even getting in and out of bed) and pain. Kai was patient and very knowledgeable as she designed a plan that slowly progressed me to more advanced exercises as my condition improved.

We not only worked on functional movements but stability as well. Eight months later I am fully functional and have the confidence to walk without assistance and was able to resume golfing and biking. I cannot thank Kai enough for giving me my life back!!

Dr Nick Deliberato

Dr. Nick Deliberato

As a chiropractor, I cannot stress enough the value of an experienced and competent personal trainer.

If you work with Kai she will help you identify a plan to get results, keep you accountable, and reduce the possibility of an injury.

Kai knows when to push and when to dial it back. In my experience its hard to find someone with the right energy, experience, personality and overall compatibility. You want someone that you enjoy being around, but also someone with a knack for coaching knowledge.

I’m glad to have her as a local resource and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Jennifer D

Jennifer D.  – San Clemente, Ca

Kai has helped me transform from a sedentary working mom to a much more energetic and fit person.

I had worked with personal trainers years ago but Kai customizes her sessions to the needs of her clients. At 52 years old, I never thought I would go outside in a sleeveless top but now I can!

Kai will push you to reach your maximum but will never put you in a position that will cause injury. Kai is always meticulous in her planning and is always one step ahead planning your exercises, making sure they are not repetitive session to session and there is no wasted time during your session.

As a working professional, I appreciate that Kai is flexible in scheduling. I go to both individual private sessions and semi-private small group sessions. My 17-year-old son was able to work out with Kai in semi-private group sessions this summer and she is great at customizing each client’s training according to their goals. Training is really an investment in yourself and your health.

Akiko M

Akiko M.  – Irvine, Ca

Kai is a great trainer. No, the greatest!! She has been my trainer for almost 2 years. She gives me a variety of exercises. I’ve never gotten tired of her training. Exercise with her always makes me feel fresh. Also, I appreciate that she has knowledge about middle-aged women’s bodies.

My age (53) is hard to adjust to the changes in my body. My energy level goes down suddenly, my muscles get weaker more easily, and my body gets injured.

She gives me advice not only for exercise but also for nutrition.

Every session, I appreciate her. Her knowledge and understanding of my body’s condition enable her to encourage me to push my strength to the next level. She is a wonderful trainer. If you are struggling with an aging body, go to her!!

Katie L 600

Katie L.  – Irvine, Ca

I’m so happy I found Kai as my personal trainer! She has helped me become stronger and ready to take on any challenge she throws at me.

Kai is always extremely supportive and encouraging during my workouts. She is always attentive and watches to make sure I do every move correctly so I don’t injure myself.

I’m so happy I found her and you won’t regret choosing to work with her.

Deborah M

Deborah M.  – Corona Del Mar, Ca

I hired Kai to provide physical therapy training for my husband following his back surgery.

Kai worked with my husband’s surgeon on a PT program. His surgeon was very impressed with his progress. The result was that my husband was cleared 30 days ahead of schedule to resume all activities without any restrictions. We owe his full recovery to his gifted surgeon and Kai.

Without Kai’s training and therapy sessions my husband would not have recovered as quickly or as successfully. She designed her training sessions to strengthen his core and back muscles which have helped stabilize his back. Now that he has fully recovered from back surgery, he continues to work with Kai twice a week on a program to improve his tennis skills and overall fitness.

I highly recommend Kai. She is a consummate professional. She sets the right tone in her approach to fitness. She customizes her sessions to the individual. She varies the workouts so that the workout is never repetitive or boring. My husband always looks forward to his session with Kai and knows that he will leave there stronger and fitter.

Piyush M.  – Irvine, Ca

Kai is an amazing Fitness personal trainer. She constantly keeps you motivated and helps you achieve better results than you would expect from yourself.

She helps you reach your full potential and also makes working out a fun activity. 🙂 I never feel like missing out on any of my workout sessions, and if I ever do, she has a personal training plan in place for me for the workout that I missed so that I am not behind in my training. She is very accessible and responds very quickly to any questions that I may have.

Kai is an excellent human being, and a great trainer, and I am so happy to have her as my personal trainer. I would highly recommend anyone who is planning for a healthier lifestyle to join Kai. 🙂

Martin G.

Since working with Kai I have become much stronger and leaner. I am much happier and more confident in my body.

Every session is challenging and kicks my butt – when you walk out of the gym you feel just amazing. She teaches you how to combine working out, with proper eating and supplements as well as stretching and how to relieve aches and pains at home. She really gives you the full package you need to be successful.

The benefits I have gained working with Kai far exceeded my expectations of working with a personal trainer

Tony W. – Fullerton, Ca

I joined Kai’s semi-private sessions a few months back. At first, I was hesitant to train with a group but I have had such an incredible experience I’m really glad I made the leap.

Kai pays great attention to detail so even in semi-private sessions you get constant encouragement and technique adjustments throughout the session. I have really enjoyed working with the group as well, they all are really encouraging and motivating.

Every workout is something new and exciting, she really keeps us on our toes!!

Salma W. – Arcadia, Ca

I have worked out my whole life (mostly walking and running), but then I thought I have to look for a personal trainer and I found Kai.

She has been amazing and helpful to improve my workouts by strengthening my core. Her training gets my body back into sizes that I hadn’t seen since college.

I get so many surprised looks from my friends and everyone wants to know my secret 🙂 but in reality, it’s all Kai and her training style.

She is both fun and motivating. You don’t feel pressured at all. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a good trainer. Thank you again, Kai !!

Leonardo T. – Irvine, Ca

Kai has been my Personal Trainer ever since I first met her at LA Fitness. Now she has her own company and of course, I followed her to her new home. It was a decision I never looked back.

Kai is an amazing trainer. She has a vast amount of knowledge in what she does, and she makes every training session very enjoyable. She knows which area of work I need to improve on and guides me every step of the way. She also helps to advise on how to have a proper diet.

I have seen a massive difference from my first workout till now. She motivates me to work hard and keep myself fit. I couldn’t be any more grateful for all that she has done for me. Thank you, Kai!

Darla H. – Newport Beach, Ca

I signed up with Kai to do High-Performance Athletic Performance training. I play competitive sports; she broke down all the movements I would be using during a game and helped me master each one of them separately first.

She progressed my training little by little, where we advanced to more complex movements and patterns. Kai built a custom program for me that included my training sessions, what and when to eat, even what to do the days I’m not with her.

Kai is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and healthcare and has helped me in more ways than I could have ever considered when I signed up for personal training.

I have lost over 10 lbs since training with Kai, I am much happier with how I look and feel, and she has really taken my game to the next level.

Benjamin H. – Irvine, Ca

This is the second time that I decided to give personal training a try after three years of taking off at the gym.

After thinking that I already knew how to work out, Kai was able to customize my routine to fit where my current fitness level that – not the level that I was at three years ago lol… but I must say, the best part about training was the fact that I had someone there hold me accountable.

Your lifestyle tends to be a lot different when you’re in your early 20s and go on to college on your own schedule compared to when you begin working full time and taking on all the responsibilities.

Having Kai there, pushing me, was so important… I managed to get back to a solid 178 from 159 in a matter of 6 and a half months!


Bradley V. – Irvine, Ca

I’ve trained with Kai for a few years now. Every time I work out with her I am sore all over the next day. She’ll get you pumped and whenever I’ve just trained with her I get comments from others that I’m “looking built.”

She records my progress every week. She also suggests nutritional foods and proteins to take with my workouts. Thanks, Kai!


Ryan C.  – Santa Monica, Ca

I am not the most fit person and constantly yo-yo with my weight.

I found Kai through a Yelp Search when I was visiting with a friend in Irvine, and she is truly as good as it gets. She challenges me in a way that I can relate to and makes it worth the commute to come see her twice a week.

She doesn’t judge me or make me feel nervous or self-conscious like I’ve felt around trainers in the past. I’m well on my way to meeting my fitness goals for 2017, and I couldn’t be more happy to have found her.


Dale S. – Newport Beach, Ca

Kai is an excellent trainer who gets results.

She adapts to the needs of her clients, motivates them through encouragement, and knows how the body works.  I have felt stronger, my posture is better, my appetite is curbed, and my sleep is better.

Working with Kai is a confidence booster for people of any age or condition. Her workouts are always varied and just challenging enough to keep moving on!

I highly recommend Kai Boyer as your trainer whether you are an elite athlete or just a person who wants to get healthier and feel more energetic.


Mayan R. – Irvine, Ca

I attended Kai’s “MeetUp” Bootcamp on Saturday morning….and let me tell you: what an incredibly rewarding and energizing way to start the day!

We went through two different cycles of circuit training. The first cycle included 4 stations, while the second included 6 stations with some varied activities. It was a nice balance of varied exercises because I could tell that by the end of the circuit all my muscles had been worked.

The exercises were great, and so was Kai! She is very encouraging and happy to reiterate or explain how to properly perform certain moves. Any question I had, she was happy and able to answer.

By the end of the class, I was prepared to be much more productive (as opposed to the sluggish feeling I generally fall victim to on Saturday mornings).

I certainly plan on returning to her bootcamps– and you should too if you are looking for a physical challenge, a friendly atmosphere, and some fun fitness training!


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